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VMworld 2013 day 1 – wrap up



So, what will I take home from yesterday?

I attended some great and very interesting sessions about SRM and vSphere Replication ( BCO5129  ) and vCenter Operations Manager ( VCM4555  and VM5008  ). Besides that I had a very interesting talk with a VMware representative about the differences and similarities between the Consulting and Integration partnerships and the Reseller (Enterprise) partnership. As I suspected we’ll have to build a business case to see which of the two will be the best fit for Conclusion FIT. And I really like the new style of the VMware website.

From the vCOPs sessions I will take home that it is really worth the effort of building your own dashboards and custom reports, including super-metrics. This way you can actually get realtime information that doesn’t show up in vCenter (or gets diluted over time) or tools like IBM director or HP SIM.

All in all quite a busy day, talked to lot’s of interesting people on the Solutions Exchange (Veeam, PernixData, Nutanix amongst others) and to top it of at the end of the day there was a great 80’s party thrown by Nutanix! Great fun with Duco Jaspars, Dustin Snijders and Renee Bos!

VMworld 2013 – Day 1 – 1

ImageThen it slowly appeared out of the mists… the Golden Gate Bridge.

VMworld Day 1

So there it was, VMware CEO Pat Gelsingers keynote in the new style. Very interesting. General Availability (GA) of vSphere 5.5 and vCloud Suite 5.5, GA of vCloud Hybrid Service, announcing VMware Virtual SAN, estimated GA H1 of 2014, announcing VMware NSX, the networking virtualization platform. Virtual networks with the operational model of a VM. Like clusters of VM’s in the networking domain as Pat Gelsinger put it. Today and the next few days more will become clear about what this all will mean.

Marcel van den Berg wrote several blogs about the new features:


And my colleague Rene Bos wrote about the sessions he attended on

Enjoy these blogs, they make a good read!

10th VMworld 2013


Day 0 of VMworld 2013, registered, got the badge, got the badge changed (it didn’t show my alumni status, big thanks to Tammy for setting it straight), got the backpack, got our pictures taken for the wall, got a cap and had fun. My colleague raided the Apple store on the way back to the hotel for a Macbook Air and a Magic Mouse and now we’re prepping for a visit of Alcatraz. Just so you know there is some time for fun too.


Weird, I’ve got a virtual halo on the pic…

Yesterday was a day full of travel, credit card problems for my colleague (banks…) and waking up in the middle of the night due to a dash of jet lag. But, all in all, we had good flights, BA has good entertainment on board their flights, and the rooms are very nice and on the 19th floor.

Can’t wait for the show to start tomorrow and enjoy the keynotes in the general sessions, the presentations themselves and the Solution Exchange. Have to talk to the VMware representatives about the differences between the Reseller Enterprise program and the Consulting Partner program. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a PDF about that.

Be sure to also read the blog of my colleague at


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