NO VMworld for me… but a question for you

Unfortunately I had to cancel my VMworld 2014 participation and all appointments I made 10 days before VMworld 2014 starts. The current project I am working on has reached a critical stage and I cannot be missed on site. Bummer. Anyway, here is a list of the sessions I chose and I would like to use this blog to ask you all a question I had reserved for the VMware consultants at the expo.

VMworld 2014 US sessions:

5K fun run/walk

PAR2987 Software-Defined Data Center Executive Session: Vision and Strategy

TEX2254 VMware NSX Extensibility: Enabling Partner Integrations

TEX2730 What’s New in vCloud Suite?

STO2197 Storage DRS: Deep Dive and Best Practices

MGT1969 vCloud Automation Center and NSX Integration Technical Deep Dive

MGT2525 Chasing the White Rabbit all the Way to Wonderland: Extending vCloud Automation Center Requests with vCenter Orchestrator

PAR2218 Partner EUC 202: Mobility (AirWatch) Strategy and Roadmap

SDDC1176 Ask the Expert vBloggers

NET1589 Reference Design for SDDC with NSX & vSphere

SDDC1600 Art of IT Infrastructure Design: The Way of the VCDX – Panel

NET1974 Multi-Site Data Center Solutions with VMware NSX

NET1674 Advanced Topics & Future Directions in Network Virtualization with NSX

PAR2982 Partner SDDC 205: Driving Change with NSX

NET1861 Automating Networking and Security Services with NSX for vSphere and vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)

NET2379 Dynamically Configuring Application Specific Network Services with vCAC and NSX

TEX2044 VMware Compliance Reference Architecture Framework Overview for Partners

INF2427 DRS : Advanced Concepts, Best Practices and Future Directions

BCO2701 vSphere HA Best Practices and FT Tech Preview

MGT2175 vCloud Automation Center Overview and Glimpse into the Future

As you can see, most sessions I wanted to take are around vCAC and NSX, topics very real for my current assignment so I will miss the info dearly. Of course There were some some parties in my schedule too, ideal places to do some innocent networking, like VMunderground, the PernixData party, the Tegile party, the Nutanix party, the Veeam party, the vExpert/VCDX party and the VMworld party with the Black Keys which I all have to miss. Fortunately one of my colleagues and fellow vExpert will pick up my vExpert gifts, I hope he’ll reserve some space in his suitcase for me.

The big question:

So, now to the question I wanted to raise at VMworld, and I hope you can shed some light on this: When migrating a vCloud Automation Center 6.x environment from a single tier setup to a distributed setup, can I move the PostgreSQL database to the new PostgreSQL database cluster without losing my existing tenant? The idea is that we move it after building the distributed setup (hopefully vCAC 6.1 will be available by that time), but before we create new tenants and/or workflows. Please use the form below, I hope you can help me out, many thanks in advance.

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My name is Eelco de Boer and I work for DellEMC as a Technical Account Manager. I am interested in design (both high level and technical), product/solution management and helping customers solve their pains. I like to take a broader look and approach and prefer to look at a problem from several angles. My experience focuses mainly on solutions based on VMware technologies and software. I am a VMware Certified Professional, VMware Certified Advanced Professional Data Center Design, vExpert 2014, 2015 and 2016. This blog represents my own opinion and views.

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