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VMworld 2014 Barcelona Keynote day 2


VMworld 2014, second round, day two, NO LIMITS!

So after yesterdays kick off where we heard some new announcements (unfortunately not that many), it now is time for the second keynote. VMware veteran Carl Eschenbach, president and COO will look at how software-defined solutions have enabled real-world successes. Carl started with a quick recap of day 1, where Pat Gelsinger talked about a world getting increasingly more fluid, needing new business models and news ways of driving business value.vb1

He talked about the path to the software defined enterprise, with the announcements of EVO:RAIL, OpenStack, vCloud Air data center in Germany, vCloud Air on Demand, the integrated workspace suite, the strategic partnerships with HP, SAP, Google, NVIDIA, Capgemini, HDS, CSC and PaloAlto networks and finally the vRealize Suite.vb2

Technology enables change, people drive change.vb3

Carl introduced two customer showcases, SAP and Vodaphone. They told their story of the huge benefits they are getting from usingVMware technology to drive their business.

Then Raghu Raghuran entered the stage, VMware’s EVP for SDDC. He started with the statement “You are Team SDDC!” SDDC is the foundation for IT supporting current and new applications, a singke architecture working both on and off premise. To showcase this he called CTO Ben Fathi, to give a more in depth view in all the new announcements done yesterday and today.vb4 vb5 vb6 vb7

Ben started with EVO:RAIL and told the audience that 50% of the Hands On Labs are actually running on EVO:RACK, EVO:RAIL’s big brother.vb11 vb12 vb13 vb14


Raghu and Ben talked about the OpenStack announcement, and mentioned that is even integrated with vRealize Operations Manager.vb16 vb17

Then the new innovations were discussed, the beta’s for vSMP Fault Tolerance, Application Mobility through the vMotion improvements in vSphere 6.vb19

Cloud-Native applications, with Docker support to run containers on VM’s and Kubernetes, an open source container management solution.vb20 vb21 vb22 vb23

vRealize Code Stream was shown, pipelines automating test dev. Is this Labmanager functionality come back?vb24

And finally Management by Policy through the vRealize Suite.vb25 vb26

To top the keynote of, the new added functionality of vCloud Air was discussed and shown, like the improvements on vCloud Connector, now extending layer 2 networks through NSX.vb27 vb28

And finally all attendees were erminded of Destination Give Back, to build a paper plane and to fly it to help generate money for charity.vb29

A very interesting keynote, and I must say that, compared to the keynote speeches given in San Francisco, these were set up better, making more sense, with a more logical order.

It is all about the power of “AND”, VMware & You. Endless Possibilities. No Limits!



VMworld 2014 Barcelona Keynote day 1


VMworld 2014 second round, NO LIMITS!

After VMworld in San Francisco, it is now time for VMworld in Europe. This year, lika last year, VMworld takes place at Gran Fira in Barcelona, Spain. I am very curious to see what the differences are with the keynote speech given in San Francisco and if there are any. Hopefully this won’t only be a repetition of steps, but new announcements will be made. After all, VMworld in San Francisco was almost 2 months ago.

The opening act was about the same as in San Franciscovmwb1Opening speaker was Maurizio Carli, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). A new record was set in attendees, about 9000 attendees this year! Maurizio talked about Gaudi, pushing the boundaries with his designs, like the Segrada Familia cathedral. Gaudi had no limits. Like in the States, the airplane challenge to raise and donate money for good causes will take place this week as well.

vmwb2Next up: Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CEO. Pat compared water to our world, our world becoming increasingly liquid and dynamic, less fixed and rigid. He gave some examples of how this improves business and research. And he talked about bravery, being so important to turn things around, making business more liquid and dynamic. Customers are looking at us to help them become brave and bold.vmwb3So, how can VMware help us to help them? Through the power of “&” [and].

vmw2014-4He talked about VMware’s Brave Journey as leader in Cloud Managementvmwb6

and announced new developments:

  • VMware vCloud Suite 5.8,
  • vSphere 6.0 Beta, Virtual Volumes (Vvol) and vSAN 2.0 Beta
  • The Federation Software-Defined Data Center Solution
  • Rebranding and bundeling the operations and automation suites to the vRealize suitevmwb7
  • Rebranding all “as -a-service” to vRealize Air
  • New solutions within the vRealize Suite, like vRealize Code Streamvmwb8
  • VMware EVO, a family of hyper converged infrastructure solutions, delivered through partners. Its first member is EVO:Rail, designed for up to 100 VM’s. A solution similar to Nutanix, but with partners like EMC, Dell and Fujitsuvmwb10
  • HP joins the EVO family! as does Hitachi Data Systems.
  • The next family member will be EVO:Rack (now in Tech Preview), bringing the power of EVO at a data center scale, cloud scale. More info on EVO can be found at
  • VMware joins OCP (Open Compute Project)
  • A VMware Open Stack integration (now in Beta)
  • Project Fargo: enables the instantaneous cloning of a running virtual machine (essentially a virtual machine “fork”).  The cloned VM is identical in every way to the original and initially shares all memory and disk with it as well.vmwb12
  • partnerships with Google and Docker, leading to one platform for any appvmwb14
  • the Workspace Suite, combining Horizon with Airwatch and Content Locker in one workspace portal
  • rebranding of vCloud Hybrid Services to vCloud Air

vmw2014-9Pat briefly talked about VMware NSX, and introduced the term VN (virtual network) next to VM (virtual machine)vmwb15After that he introduced Bill Fathers, EVP an GM of Cloud Services.

Cloud computing makes companies more agile, more efficient and realize huge cost savings and benefits. In 2009 25 of VM’s lived in the cloud. In 2014 6% of all VM’s live in the cloud. In the same time span the amounts of VM’s increased hugely. The increase of 2% to only 6% is therefore misleading.vmw2014-10


Expansion in Europe with vCloud Air data centers in Germanyvmw2014-12

Bill announced several new services:vmw2014-13

  • DevOps Services – Continuous-Integration-as-a-Service
  • Database-as-a-Service – starting with MySQL and is open now
  • Mobility Services
  • and Cloud Management –  vRealize Air Automation – Beta in Q4
  • Early access program for vRealize Air in november (
  • A new Beta program, Ondemand; see

Third keynote speaker of day 1 was Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM End User Computing.

Sanjay spoke about the brave new world of IT and the End-User Computing Vision in a Mobile-Cloud Era. A Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at the Speed of Life.vmwb18He told about the groud breaking partnership with Google and NVIDIA to bring full graphical experience to virtual desktops. He announced Horizon FLEX, a solution for BYOD/CYOD. Sanjay talked about AirWatch, the partnership with SAP announced in San Francisco.vmwb20Sanjay announced that HP and VMware are now partnering in the mobility workspace too. VMware is now the leader in End-User Computing.vmwb24Sanjay then announced Kit Colbert, CTO for End-User Computing. Kit gave some demo’s of the force and power of the new VMware Workspace portal, seamlessly moving between devices, desktop, tablet or terminal,vmwb25CloudVolumes, a point-and-click solution to deliver applications instantaneously (when do we get this for servers?), and Kit talked about Project Fargo to fork a running VM into a separate clone, destroying it when the user logs off, a linked clone Mk.II.vmwb26

Finally Pat Gelsinger summarized the keynote at the end. It is all about the power of “AND”, VMware & You. Endless Possibilities. No Limits!



ps: I reused some slides from my earlier blog. As my connection was disrupted a couple of times I couldn’t get all the screenshots I wanted.

PernixData Newsflash: new editions of FVP 2.0 for Enterprise, VDI and subscription based Enterprise

While scrolling through the tweets I follow something caught my eye, a tweet by @pernixdata, announcing new licensing models for FVP 2.0, the latest and newest version of the award winning leader in server-side storage intelligence. This version not only uses flash (both SSD and PCiE based) but can also run in RAM, accelerating file and block storage by performing reads and writes using these server side resources.

PernixData offers these editions:

  • FVP Essentials Plus: a small bundle of FVP Standard, supporting a maximum of 3 hosts and 100 VMs
  • FVP VDI: FVP exclusively for virtual desktop infrastructures, priced on a per virtual desktop basis
  • FVP Standard: designed for the most common virtualized applications, no limit on the amount of hosts or VM in a FVP cluster. Purchased as a perpetual license per host only
  • FVP Enterprise: this version of FVP can be deployed on flash, RAM or the combination of the 2. It introduces a topology aware Write Back acceleration via Fault Domains that allows enterprises to align FVP with their data center design best practices. In addition, FVP Enterprise comes with sophisticated, built-in resource management that makes the best possible use of available server resources. With FVP Enterprise, there is no limit placed on the number of hosts or VMs supported in an FVP Cluster.
  • FVP Subscription:  a version of FVP Enterprise which is purchased using a subscription model, making it ideal for service providers.

PernixData FVP software virtualizes server flash and RAM to create a low latency IO acceleration tier. By decoupling storage performance from capacity, PernixData FVP software maximizes VM performance, minimizes storage costs, and lets companies of all sizes scale-out storage performance in an easy and cost effective way.pernix

Since first shipping in August 2013, FVP software has distinguished itself with the following features:

  • Fault-Tolerant Write Acceleration—FVP is the only storage acceleration software with both read and write acceleration with fault tolerance.
  • Clustered Platform—FVP allows any host to remotely access other hosts, ensuring seamless support of all VM operations and products (e.g. vMotion, HA, DRS etc).
  • 100 percent seamless deployment—FVP is deployed in the hypervisor using public APIs certified by VMware. No changes are required to VMs, hosts or primary storage.

FVP version 2.0 raises the bar even higher with the following groundbreaking capabilities:

  • Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM)—FVP is the only storage acceleration software that lets users cluster server RAM, providing the fastest acceleration with complete fault tolerance.
  • Optimize any storage device—FVP is the only solution to support file (e.g. NFS), block (e.g. iSCSI, fibre channel, FCoE), and local datastores for seamless integration into any environment.
  • User defined fault domains—IT administrators can software define which hosts participate in replica groups for increased data protection.
  • Adaptive network compression—FVP software minimizes traffic to optimize available network and storage resources.

All versions of FVP 2.0  are available now. More information including a free software trial can be found at my opinion FVP 2.0 is a hugely interesting solution, bringing the IO load to the hypervisor. I am looking forward to testing FVP 2.0 and will be building a business case for the subscription based Enterprise edition.

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