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End of Availability of vSphere App HA with GA of vSphere 6 Q1 2015

VMware is announcing the End of Availability (EOA) of vSphere App HA. The EOA will go into effect with the Q1 2015 general availability of vSphere 6. vSphere App HA has not seen traction within the vSphere customer base. The amount of supported applications was too small when the product was launched, grew too little in my opinion and was not supported for vCenter Server.

Supported Services

Service Name

Supported Versions

Supported Operating Systems

Apache Tomcat

6.0, 7.0

Windows, Linux


6., 7., 8.


Microsoft SQL

2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012


Apache HTTP Server


Windows, Linux

SharePoint *

2007, 2010


SpringSource tc Runtime

6.0, 7.0

Windows, Linux


8.x, 9.x

Windows, Linux


10 g2, 11 g2

Windows, Linux

A pity that this product will be withdrawn. In theory it was promising, but I guess it took a lot of coding effort to protect applications in a reliable and predictable way with this technology.


Further research into this area has revealed that VMware is not meeting customer demands when it comes to application-level availability. VMware is, therefore, going to change its strategic roadmap in this area. Further details will be provided to interested customers under NDA in the future. So, if you want to know more, contact VMware directly or ask your VMware Service or Solution Provider to contact VMware for you.

Alongside with AppHA the stand alone version of vSphere Data Protection™ Advanced has been declared EOA. All functionality available with vSphere Data Protection Advanced (previously available as a standalone product) is now included in VMware vSphere Data Protection—a feature of VMware vSphere available through vSphere Essentials Plus Kit or higher editions, as well as VMware vSphere with Operations Management™ editions, or VMware vCloud Suite® editions.

vSphere Data Protection Advanced will no longer be available for purchase as a separate SKU. VMware vSphere Data Protection has the same scale and functionality as VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced, including agents for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint. Customers who have purchased vSphere Essentials Plus or higher vSphere editions, vSphere with Operations Management editions, or vCloud Suite editions and are current on their Support and Subscription (SnS) are entitled to download new VMware vSphere Data Protection 6 which comes with this extended functionality.


PEX 2015: VMware Partner Professional Services Program

WP_20150203_10_00_45_Pro Fighting jet lag this weekend gave me time to reflect up on VMware Partner Exchange 2015, the last PEX as we know it. From 2016 onward, the technical part will be integrated with VMworld and there will be a new Partner Business Summit targeting Business Leaders, to be held in Las Vegas if I am not mistaken. Benefit will be that techies won’t be bothered with marketing and/or sales information trying to push more sales. On the other hand, we’ll miss the information about new developments within partnerships, like the last week announced VMware Partner Professional Services Program, which will initially be aimed at consulting partners that have expertise in providing software-defined data centre (SDDC) solutions. This program is designed to help partners to sell and deliver their own service engagements, effectively placing the focus on delivering services over simply selling licenses.

WP_20150203_09_52_11_ProThe main difference from VMware’s existing partner program is a renewed emphasis on driving service capabilities over technical certifications, said Toni Adams, vice president Global Partner and Alliance Marketing at VMware. Partners who invest in VMware’s vision of a mainstream software-defined data center ultimately stand to profit over partners who sell in large volumes, making the new program heavy on the “quality of service over quantity of sales” aspect.

The program is in direct accordance with the virtualization giant’s continuing strategy to emphasize an industry-wide migration to the software-defined data center and to encourage partners to focus on selling VMware’s virtualization subscription services.

The pilot will run through the first half of financial year 2015 with select membership, and is expected to expand in the second half of the year. Those in the program will access SDDC experts, training discounts, customer-focused labs and more. According to Carl Eschenbach, VMware president and chief operating officer, it should help ease the question of whether the company is competing with partners for professional services.WP_20150203_10_11_27_Pro

“Over the years, we had a very strong PSO (professional services organizations) group that worked directly with customers; that’s the way it was constructed to be worked,” said O’Callaghan, SVP Global Channels and Alliances at VMware. “We’re moving from a product platform to a portfolio approach with suites, and that leads to integration of services. Now we’re embracing you.”

In order to do this, VMware has hired Teri Bruns as what the company says is the first ever vice president of partner services. She previously worked as the senior director of global business development at Symantec, and is a self-described former partner of over eight years. At a Q&A, Bruns explained that Professional Services would be a value program and that VMware is only looking for service-savvy partners that can achieve high-customer satisfaction, as opposed to thousands of partners. “From a scale perspective, for us to hit the business objectives we have for growth, we have to push the friction out of the system, embrace our partners, get them enabled so that they perform with high quality with their customers,” she said.

As a former VAC-VCP (VMware Authorized Consultant) this feels like a come back of the VAC-program and is in my humble opinion a very good initiative for VMware CIPP partners.

vExpert 2015

vExpertLast Thursday the vExpert for 2015 have been announced and I am proud to be amongst them fot the second year. As there is some confusion about what a vExpert is, I give you the defenition as given by VMware: vExpert is an yearly award given by VMware to IT professionals that contribute to the VMware community by sharing information with colleagues, customers, partners using blogs, presentations and other forms of communication. Or, as VMware states it herself, “A vExpert, in the simplest of terms, is an active member of the VMware community who imparts his/her advanced knowledge on others. VMware is exceptional at developing community; it’s really the industry standard in this regard. The vExpert program is a way of recognizing people who participate in the community and increase awareness of VMware products and uses. It’s quite genius really; it encourages people to market VMware and grow its ecosystems.“

So please don’t confuse this with a VCDX certification! There are only a few people that carry that certification and these can be found at

Anyway, the last week Thursday announcement can be found here:

Each of these vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Contributing is not always blogging or Twitter as there are many public speakers, book authors, script writers, VMUG leaders, VMTN community moderators and internal champions among this group.

A great thanks for Corey Romero and the VMware Social Media & Community Team for all their good work.

If you want to apply for vExpert 2015, that is still possible. This year there will be a second round and the application will open soon.

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