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VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 2.2 – part 1

#VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 2.2 – part 1

VCAP-DCV Deploy Objective 2.2 – part 1

We finally finished the first objective in the Deploy and Manage a vSphere 6.x Storage Infrastructure and now we going to discuss the second objective which is Manage Complex Storage Solutions

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VMware vRealize Automation: VRA Appliance setup

#VMware #vRealize Automation: VRA Appliance setup

VMware vRealize Automation: VRA Appliance setup

What is vRealize Automation and Why Shoud i use it. When you are working with MNC or SMB they are using hardware and software components from multiple vendors.Like HP, Dell, Cisco, SUN, Nutani…Read More

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VMware vRealize Automation: Service Catalog &…

#VMware #vRealize Automation: Service Catalog & Entitlement

VMware vRealize Automation: Service Catalog &…

What is Service Catalog in vRealize Automation. The service catalog is a self-service portal where users can browse and request items that they need like Virtual Machine, Machine on AWS or it could be on physical box and many more,…

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[VMware] VDI Requirement Gathering

[VMware] #VDI Requirement Gathering

[VMware] VDI Requirement Gathering

Oh! it is been a month i haven’t written a single post. Ah! Blogging is my favorite activity. I love sharing my experience and learning. This the single most platform I can express my thoughts on technical front. I don’t know how many of you like but I don’t see that as motivation factor. In all cases I would love to hear back from you. Recently I did a VDI requirement gathering workshop with a customer. Based on various design meeting I have come across questionnaire. I would like to share with you. You will need to basic understanding VDI especially technology you are supporting. First and foremost and most important why are you looking towards VDI. Don’t start with Why question. Rather I suggest you put across a question in way a your…Read More

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Chief Digital Officer salary and job…

Chief Digital Officer salary and job description – What’s the #CDO role?

Chief Digital Officer salary and job…

How much should a Chief Digital Officer get paid, should the CDO report to the CEO or CIO, and what are the CDO responsibilities?

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Disruptive CIOs must break out of IT function…

Disruptive #CIO’s must break out of #IT function to lead change across the organisation

Disruptive CIOs must break out of IT function…

CIOs will need to break out of IT if they are going to help facilitate change across the organisation

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Comprehensively Monitor your Enterprise Stack…

Comprehensively Monitor your Enterprise Stack with #vROps Management Packs

Comprehensively Monitor your Enterprise Stack…

If you use VMware virtualization products at your company, then you should check out Blue Medora’s management packs. Blue Medora’s solutions extend the capabilities of VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) to provide monitoring solutions for the hardware, software, applications, and workloads that power your business on a single pane of glass.

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