Customizing the VMware Horizon Client sharing…

Customizing the VMware Horizon Client sharing pop-up

Customizing the VMware Horizon Client sharing…

A short article on how to customize the sharing pop-up that is displayed the first time when you start a VMware Horizon client and connect to a virtual desktop. The pop-up gives you the ability to tell the client what you want to enable from the local computer to the virtual desktop. The irritating fact is that when you have a thin client setup where every client is used by everyone this pop-up is shown every time. Wondering what it looks like, below is an example.

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My name is Eelco de Boer and I work for DellEMC VCE as a Solutions Architect Virtualisation. I am interested in design (both high level and technical), product/solution management and helping customers solve their pains. I like to take a broader look and approach and prefer to look at a problem from several angles. My experience focuses mainly on solutions based on VMware technologies and software. I am a VMware Certified Professional, VMware Certified Advanced Professional Data Center Design, vExpert 2014, 2015 and 2016. This blog represents my own opinion and views.

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