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PernixData Architect 1.1 and FVP version 3.5 are general available

PernixData, the leader in analytics-driven flash storage, announced today the general availability (GA) of Architect version 1.1 and FVPversion 3.5, the premier platforms for infrastructure analytics and server-side storage acceleration. Based on extensive analysis of data collected from PernixData’s comprehensive installed base of over 800 companies who are optimizing over 500,000 VMs, several new features were added to the products that facilitate the deployment, usability, and reporting features of FVP and Architect software.  These include a new management server, support for Raw Device Mapping (RDM), and performance charts and views that easily demonstrate the benefits of PernixData software for storage design, management, and optimization.

“PernixData is constantly showing how a data-driven approach to storage saves money while maximizing performance and scale,” said Bala Narasimhan, vice president of products at PernixData.  “We take a similar approach to product development, where data collected from our extensive installed base lets us constantly enhance our product to deliver the best insight, fastest performance, and unsurpassed user experience.”

Key features of the latest Architect and FVP software releases include:

  • Virtual Appliance based Management Server.  PernixData now offers a Virtual Appliance with integrated database for management of PernixData FVP and/or Architect installations.  The new virtual appliance eliminates the need to purchase, deploy and manage separate Windows and Microsoft SQL Server instances, which simplifies deployment and eliminates configuration issues for better operations and maintenance.  In addition, it allows PernixData to provide a single control point for data collection and management for a consistent and predictable customer experience.
  • RDM Support.  With the latest software release, FVP supports both physical and virtual RDMs.  (A RDM is a mapping file in a separate VMFS volume that acts as a proxy for a raw physical storage device.)  As RDMs are often used by tier 1 workloads like databases to merge VMFS manageability with raw device access for enhanced performance, this new functionality expands FVP’s ability to be deployed in even more enterprise application environments.
  • New Performance Views and Reporting tool. Architect and FVP now include predefined performance views that highlight the benefits of acceleration for specific use cases.  For example, a “Read Analysis” view shows the benefits of running FVP for write through acceleration in a quick and clear manner.  Similarly, a “Write Analysis” view shows the numerous benefits FVP is providing when performing Write Back acceleration.  IT administrators can easily select these predefined views for a quick breakdown of performance in various scenarios.

In addition, Architect now includes a new performance-reporting tool to show the benefits of analytics-driven storage over time.  The user can select monitored VMs, accelerated VMs by FVP cluster, or all VMs and export performance charts for various time intervals.  This is a quick and easy way to quantify the benefits of analytics and acceleration software, and to share the results with colleagues for fast and easy ROI justification. (A quick snapshot of some of the cost savings provided by PernixData FVP and Architect software can be viewed here.)

Interesting PernixData stats:

  • PernixData has over 800 paying customers, 43 of which are in the global 2000.  A partial list can be viewed here.
  • A single customer has PernixData software deployed on over 700 physical hosts.
  • Architect first shipped in mid-November, 2015.  Since then, approximately one new Architect customer has been added per day.
  • It is estimated that approximately 500,000 VMs are optimized using PernixData FVP software.
  • Top applications being accelerated by FVP are SQL server, General purpose, VDI, Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, and Cassandra.


Both FVP version 3.5 and Architect version 1.1 are generally available now. To start a free trial of PernixData software, please visit:

Top Ten things to consider when moving Business…

Top Ten things to consider when moving Business Critical Applications (BCA) to the Cloud (Part 1 of 3)

Top Ten things to consider when moving Business…

The cloud transformation is now for real. Customers have a stated long-term goal of running a majority of their applications in the cloud. Gartner predicts that public cloud services to grow by 16.5% in 2016. The highest growth area is cloud infrastructure, which is projected to grow at 38.4% in 2016. Today’s CIOs understand that a clear cloud strategy is a critical component of managing their information technology needs.

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Cyber Threats: Bad Ideas Come in Threes

Cyber Threats: Bad Ideas Come in Threes (via VMware RADIUS)

Cyber Threats: Bad Ideas Come in Threes

Like beauty, the perception of threat may be in the eye of the beholder. At least, that appears to be one way to summarize the conclusions of a new global survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), sponsored by VMware. The survey found a systematic disconnect on the significance of cyber security between C-Suite executives (CEOs, COOs, and CFOs) and senior technology leaders (CIOs and CISOs).

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vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight: ISO 9001

vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight: ISO 9001

vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight: ISO 9001

Previously, in our vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight series, we’ve discussed: SSAE 16 PCI-DSS HIPAA ISO 27001 In this month’s edition, we focus the compliance spotlight on ISO 9001. Not to be confused with ISO 27001, which is based around information security, ISO 9001 focuses its standards on quality. ISO 9001 sets the requirements for […] The post vCloud Air Network Compliance Spotlight: ISO 9001 appeared first on VMware vCloud Air Blog .

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The Business of Micro-Segmentation through the…

The Business of Micro-Segmentation through the Spirit of the Movies

The Business of Micro-Segmentation through the…

Within a world where cyber threats pose greater commercial and … Read More

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Design decisions when deploying Hybrid Cloud…

Design decisions when deploying Hybrid Cloud Manager

Design decisions when deploying Hybrid Cloud…

Learn about some key design decisions when deploying Hybrid Cloud Manager from VMware Technical Architect, Michael Francis.

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VMware Google Cloud Platform NEXT 16 – San…

VMware Google Cloud Platform NEXT 16 – San Francisco

VMware Google Cloud Platform NEXT 16 – San…

This week, VMware will be at the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community to explore the latest developments in cloud technology – and demonstrate our vision of one cloud, any application, any device. What does that mean to developers? It means a new model of IT based on a unified hybrid cloud platform […] The post VMware Google Cloud Platform NEXT 16 – San Francisco appeared first on VMware Cloud Management .

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