HOL-1706-SDC-6 – Guide to SDDC: VMware…

HOL-1706-SDC-6 – Guide to SDDC: VMware Validated Designs

HOL-1706-SDC-6 – Guide to SDDC: VMware…

In this Interactive Simulation, the user will focus on the fundamental architecture elements in the VMware Validated Designs (VVDs) for Software-Defined Data Center v2 that enable a prescriptive, expert-driven approach to deploy and operate a Software-Defined Data Center with confidence. VVD architectures are production-ready solutions that target a wide range of deployment scenarios and use-cases.

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Configuring the vRealize Automation Plug-in for…

Configuring the vRealize Automation Plug-in for ITSM – Part 1 (SKKB1038) – Spas Kaloferov’s Blog

Configuring the vRealize Automation Plug-in for…

In this article we will take a look how to configure The vRealize Automation plugin for ServiceNow . The Plug-in enables ServiceNow users to deploy virtual

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VCAP6-DCV Design – Storage Policies and Storage…

VCAP6-DCV Design – Storage Policies and Storage DRS

VCAP6-DCV Design – Storage Policies and Storage…

The intention of this post is to take a look at storage policies, storage vMotion and Storage DRS from a design perspective, to address the exam objective focusing on these technologies. The idea here is not to explain the technologies in detail, there’s plenty of information else where – instead I will look to highlight […]

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Creating VICredentialStore Items without Typing…

Creating VICredentialStore Items without Typing Your Password into the Command Line

Creating VICredentialStore Items without Typing…

I use PowerCLI a lot. Like, when VMware said to stop using the C# client, I just started using PowerCLI instead of learning the Flash based web client. As such, I log into many vCenter servers many times each day, and creating a VICredentialStore item for each vCenter that I use is one trick that saves me a lot of typing and therefore time. The New-VICredentialStoreItem cmdlet is super easy to use, which creates these credential store items. Once you have an item created, those credentials…Read More

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Printing #migrate2vcsa Stickers and Apparel

Printing #migrate2vcsa Stickers and Apparel – Emad Younis Blog

Printing #migrate2vcsa Stickers and Apparel

Happy New Year! 2016 was a big year for the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). We now have officially supported Migration Tools in vSphere 6.0 U2m and vSphere 6.5. With the release of vSphere 6.5, the VCSA has surpassed its Windows counterpart in terms of features and performance. Then there was the hot swag that debuted […]

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VMware’s NFVi Push Embraces OPEN-O – Light Reading

VMware’s NFVi Push Embraces OPEN-O – Light Reading

VMware’s NFVi Push Embraces OPEN-O – Light Reading

By making its NFVi available across open source MANO efforts, VMware hopes to continue effective competition against OpenStack NFVis.

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